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Best Roll Up Banner

Best Roll Up Banner


Best Roll Up

The 36" Best Roll Up retractable banner stand is reusable, with the durable canvas lead that won't rip on the first change out or thereafter. Moreover, the canvas lead has a hook & loop attachment which enables easy graphic change out. Chrome magnetic end caps make for easy-to-access side panels during graphic installation. The end caps also house the tension pin, plus add a finished, professional appearance to the Best Roll Up base. It's wide aluminum base and adjustable feet provide stability. Inside the adjustable aluminum pole is a bungee cord to help guide pole set up and keep pole parts together so you won't ever lose half of your pole.

  • Best Roll Up

    • 80"h Single-Sided Super Flat Vinyl Graphic (installed)
    • Silver Retractable Base w/ End Caps
    • Telescopic Support Pole
    • Clamp Top Bar w/ End Caps
    • Silverstep Travel Bag

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